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About Spine Surgery Department

The department of Spine Surgery has the presence of a full-time spine surgeon for timely emergency managements and interventions. The Spine Unit offers comprehensive non-surgical and surgical treatments for the full spectrum of spinal disorders and spinal injuries and emergencies. Our experts in spine care specialize in disorders including degenerative conditions of the spine, such as cervical or lumbar spinal stenosis, cervical or lumbar disc herniation, and scoliosis or adult deformity of the spine and spinal fixation and augmentation.

We have specific expertise in the management of spinal cord and spinal column tumors and traumatic spinal injuries.

  • Degenerative spinal discopathies (microdiscectomy)
  • Spinal canal stenosis(laminectomy)
  • Sciatic microneursurgical management
  • Sudden foot drop and urinary incontinence microneurosurgical management (caudaequina syndrome )
  • Spinal instabilities fixation( all levels instrumentation)
  • Lumboperitoneal shunting(for idiopathic intracranial hypertention)
  • Traumatic spine fracture fixation and decompression of spinal cord and nerve roots
  • Surgical removal and decompression of compressive mass(benign and malignant and traumatic or degenerative) on spinal canal and nerve roots
  • Microneurosurgical removal of spinal cord and nerve roots tumors
  • Surgical and nonsurgical management of spondylolisthesis and spondylolysis
  • Surgical and nonsurgical management of spinal infections and inflammatory process
  • Spinal biopsy
  • Cervical spine decompression laminectomy and laminoplasty and posterior fixation and fusion
  • Local chronic pain management
  • Congenital and degenerative spinal column malformations surgical management

Our Spine Surgery Specialist

DR Lotfolah Ahmadpour
Neurosurgeon (brain & Spine Surgeon) MBBS, MD Ruwi (Oman), Al Khoud (Oman) Request An Appointment + View Doctor +

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