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MS, MD, FACS, Urology & Andrology
22+ years of experience
Al Khoud (Oman)


Dr Hossein Lahiji is a highly specialised Urologist with over 22 years of sterling experience in his field. He has had excellent training and work experience in the US, Iran and now in Oman. He has also had special training in surgical placement of three piece inflatable penile prosthesis as well as different aspects of urinary incontinence including vaginal sling procedures. He was the pioneering urologist to perform the interstim therapy for urinary control in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas, USA. He has also worked in Esfahan fertility and infertility centres for over three years.

Excellence & Experience

Area of excellence
  • Urolithiasis (kidney Stones): Laser Treatment, Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • Prostate Disease: Benign Enlargement and Cancer Treatments
  • Nerve-Sparing Radical Prostate Cancer surgery
  • Urinary Incontinence: Vaginal Slings Placement and Neuromodulator Implantation
  • Sexual Health: All treatment options including Penile Prosthesis Implants
Level of Experience

Awards & Academics

List of awards
Academics Details
  • Bachelors’ degree in Zoology (Magna cum laude), Rutgers University Newark, New Jersey
  • Masters in Physiology (Summa cum laude) from Rutgers University, Newark, New Jersey - 1985
  • MBBS - New Jersey Medical School, Newark, New Jersey - 1989
  • MD. Residency in Surgery and Urology, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey Medical School (1989-1995)
  • Board certification by American Board of Urology in 1997
  • Board certification from American Board of Urology in 2007


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Al Khoud - Oman
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Al Khoud - Oman
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